We have had a very strong start to the school year, there is a wonderful energy in the air and our student community appear optimistic about the year ahead and genuinely excited about being back on campus. Before starting at Balcombe Grammar, I was aware of the strong community spirit that the school celebrates with great pride. I have been very fortunate to witness this spirit over the past two weeks in many ways, including the first day of school where there was an ‘electric’ atmosphere, the innovative ‘Pop-up’ Café that brings members from all over our campus together, the Foundation Golden Time family water fight, the PFC Tea on the Terrace event and the very special Year 12 Induction evening. It is a great school, with a warm and welcoming environment and I feel privileged to be here.

Last week during my Primary and Secondary Principal assemblies, I challenged all students to dream big. When the Primary School audience were posed the question “who has big dreams for the future?” It was encouraging that the majority of students raised their hands. It was encouraging because the reality is that as you get older there is a natural inclination to dream less and less as judgment from others can often squash one’s dreams. In addition to this, the possibility of failure can enter one’s mind and often the challenge of reaching one’s dream is difficult. As a result, many people give up rather than persist through the challenges that are presented along the way. But being a starry-eyed dreamer isn’t about giving up, as dreaming big can provide us with a platform for growth and success. Personally, I am a dreamer – I have been for as long as I can remember. When I was in Primary School I dreamt of being a professional sportsperson, firstly a footballer and then a tennis player. The dream of being a tennis player was something that I challenged myself to reach until my early 20s. I cannot recall how many hours I dedicated to chasing this dream and the number of ups and downs I encountered along the way. My dream was linked to competing on the tour and although I failed in making that a reality, I believe that I experienced a very different type of success as I grew as a person. This ‘failure’ made me a more resilient person, it opened up new pathways, enabled me to form new connections and drove me towards my next dream to be a sports coach and then a teacher. Once in education I found myself dreaming of becoming a Principal and although I have been successful in obtaining such a role, I will not stop dreaming. I am excited about my next phase of dreaming being linked to the evolution of Balcombe Grammar School and look forward to seeing the school grow and develop.

Dreaming can be fun, powerful and will introduce you to new challenges, places and people. I dream of a day when I ask the question “who has big dreams for the future?” and everyone places their hand in the air.

Mr Ross Patterson


This year, ten passionate and talented educators begin their journey at Balcombe Grammar School. We would like to welcome the following staff to our school and wish them all the best for the year ahead:

  • Chris Lemmon - Learning Assistant
  • Sarah Tarquinio - Learning Assistant
  • Christina Burton - Performing Arts Co-ordinator
  • Miranda Powell - PE, Health and Food Technology 
  • Nicola O’Shea - English Faculty Co-ordinator
  • Chris Williams - Humanities and Commerce
  • Ross Patterson - Principal
  • Greg Falk - Science Faculty Co-ordinator
  • Rachel Salmon - Primary Teacher
  • Alison Cooper - Learning Assistant (not pictured)

Our staff bring with them new ideas and knowledge and in a year where our school learning focus is based on collaboration, we look forward to developing our teaching and learning programs with them.

We are also excited to be welcoming our new Head of School Operations, Craig Wines in the coming weeks. Craig will join us from Peninsula Grammar where he has been the Director of Administration for a number of years. An experienced educator, Craig is an excellent Mathematics teacher and highly skilled administrator who will be an outstanding addition to our team.


It was wonderful to see the excitement and anticipation as senior students entered the new Senior Centre for the first time at the start of the school year last week.

There were audible exclamations of delight as students saw, for the first time, the spacious classrooms, corridors and locker spaces and the amazing vista of the school and the bay beyond.

For Year 12s, of course, the highlight was the new Year 12 Common Room, occupying prime real-estate at the bottom corner of the building and providing a central hub for study and socialising for Year 12s in their final year. However, the Senior Centre, provides classrooms and locker spaces for students from Years 10, 11 and 12. Besides the light-filled new classrooms, the new Senior Centre includes a Career Centre, a senior study area and a Library. Ms Sara Anderson, the Head of Library said "we want to provide a welcoming, dynamic and flexible Library environment which supports learning and teaching throughout the whole school."

While there are still some aspects to be completed, including the new Food Technology classroom which will enable food-based electives for the first time, the completion of the building through the summer break and the smooth transition into the building is of great credit to all who have worked so hard to bring such a contemporary learning facility to Balcombe Grammar students.

Mr Warrick Wynne
Deputy Principal - Secondary (7-12)


Our Foundation students started their school lives at Balcombe Grammar on Wednesday. Most were very excited, some a little apprehensive but all had a fabulous first day and were happy to return without their parents for day two and three. Our students particularly enjoyed a tour of the school whilst searching for the lost Green Sheep which they eventually found in Mr Patterson’s office. They also enjoyed the much anticipated Water Fight on Friday where they delighted in soaking their teachers. I’m sure that our Foundation students will have a wonderful year.

Ms Kirrilly McIntosh and Ms Rachel Salmon
Foundation Teachers

YEAR 7 2019

Wednesday 30 January marked the beginning of Secondary School for 100 Year 7 Balcombe Grammar students.

The morning brought about lots of nerves and excitement as students were eager to reconnect with friendships that had begun blossoming during the 2018 Orientation Program.

Staff were very impressed with the positive focus of students as well as their optimistic approach to the many social, organisational and emotional challenges brought on by the significant transition from Primary to Secondary School.

To finish off their first week, students and Year 7 tutors attended the annual Year 7 Friendship Estuary excursion. Students embraced the day; working hard and purposefully to continue to build upon relationships with their Tutor and classmates. Throughout the excursion it became clear that the 2019 Year 7s can be described as a brave, fun and adventurous group of young people who are ready to embrace new challenges with energy and an open mind. 2019 is set to be an exciting year with staff very much looking forward to supporting students in their new adventures.

Mrs Amy Uccello
Head of Year 7


This group of Year 12s have the ultimate privilege of being the first group to take ‘custody’ of the facilities in the new VCE Centre which includes a Year 12 Common Room and what a Common Room it is! The students are very excited and I know these young people who were inducted as our 2019 Year 12s earlier this week will take their stewardship responsibility with the respect that it deserves.

As part of the Induction Commitment this group of young people committed to not only make the most of their beautiful surroundings but also to pursue the realisation of their own unique potential. They have been encouraged to dare to dream and I look forward to working with them in this endeavour.

Ms Celia Mara
Head of Year 12


Balcombe Grammar School Desk Calendars for 2019 are now available for collection from School Reception. The calendar features important school dates, cycles and term weeks.

TERM 1 2019, WEEK 3

Monday 11 February
Year 9 Elevate Education
School Production Rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm

Wednesday 13 February
Year 10 Road Smart
Year 11 & 12 Elevate Education
School Production Rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm

Thursday 14 February
VCE Music - Peninsula Voice 6:25-7:20pm

Friday 15 February
Year 10 SIS Handball (selected students)

TERM 1 2019, WEEK 4

Monday 18 February
School Production Rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm

Tuesday 19 February
Learning Program Optima Gym Excursion
Japan Outbound Tour Information 6-7pm

Wednesday 20 February
PFC Meeting 9-10am
School Production Rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm
Year 9 Pop-up Market and Play 5:30-8pm

Thursday 21 February
Year 3-6 House Swimming
Year 9 Point Nepean Presentation 6-8pm

Friday 22 February
Year 10 SIS Handball (selected students)

Saturday 23 - Sunday 24 February
Production Camp

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