Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to visit the School Production cast and crew during their annual camp held at Camp Manyung. Although at this time they were very early into their production journey, there is no doubt that a quiet confidence radiated throughout the entire cast and crew. Even at this early stage the team were well-ahead of schedule and it was clear that they were all united in their quest to be part of something very special.

Over the ensuing months I had many opportunities to watch and hear the students extend themselves and develop even further during their after-school rehearsals and was lucky enough to attend all three performances where I saw the team grow throughout every scene. Each performance of ‘The Addams Family’ was simply outstanding and I hope that many of you were able to witness the talents of the students and staff here at Balcombe Grammar School.

Over the years I have seen many school productions across five different schools and this year’s performance of ‘The Addams Family’ is very clearly one of the most memorable that I have viewed. All three performances were strong, the costumes stunning and the set was just brilliant. To have such a large cast perform so strongly was awe-inspiring; however, what impressed me most was the hard work and determination displayed by the entire cast and crew leading up to production week. Our staff and students dedicated themselves to many weekend and after-hours rehearsals and it clearly paid off.

Hard work gets you a long way in life and ‘The Addams Family’ team certainly highlighted this. As indicated in my letter to the community last week, when I think of the cast and crew the words passion, dedication, resilience and persistence come to mind. The School Production team has taught us all an important lesson about the value of hard-work, persistence, collaboration and supporting one another. There is no doubt that this important lesson can be applied to all aspects of schooling including, but not limited to, academics, sport and service. Thank you once again to the ‘The Addams Family’ team for entertaining, educating and inspiring us all over the past week and throughout the year.

Mr Ross Patterson


Last week sixty talented and creative students of Balcombe joined in the ‘frightening fun' of performing in the hit Broadway musical of The Addams Family.

For a show that was written and designed for professional actors, dancers and singers, these students worked hard to bring to life a humorous and lively interpretation of an old favourite TV show with some colourful characters.

Kade Austin and Ruby Hadaway as the romantic Gomez and his alluring wife Morticia, led the family and cast with their strong performances in this clever tale of family loyalty and quest for love. Alice Stinchcombe as the moody and passionate Wednesday, showed great talent singing some difficult yet catchy tunes to drive the story, showing her love for her ‘normal’ boyfriend Lucas, played by Abe Bierman. Lucas and Wednesday stole our hearts while Uncle Fester, played by Theo Driver, was a highlight in his quest for love, dancing and singing to his sweetheart - the moon!. More highpoints of the musical were Madeline Kelly as Pugsley and Holly Baker as Grandma, entertaining us with their explosives, poisons and wild antics playing tricks on the ‘normal’ Beineke family with clever performances from Emeline Stinchcombe and Renae Potts. Year 7 student Sophie Dickenson climbed up on a step ladder to play Lurch, the lovable butler, who doesn’t speak but everyone relies upon. The chorus of dead Ancestors delighted us with song and dance and kept the ghoulish atmosphere of the grave yard alive!

The huge haunted house and graveyard set, the moody sound and lighting, the beautifully ghoulish costumes and fabulously scary makeup added to the quality of this school performance. This was a show that all who came to see it, left with a smile on their face and all who were in it, memories that will last forever.

Ms Christina Burton
Drama/ Media/ Performing Arts Teacher
Performing Arts Co-ordinator


This week is National Reconciliation Week, when we celebrate two significant dates in the national reconciliation journey: the 1967 referendum (27 May) and the High Court Mabo decision (3 June). Monday was a significant day for Balcombe too, as the School gathered together to reflect on the journey of reconciliation. Fiona Newson, a Bunurong Elder shared a Welcome to Country, and then along with student Lachlan Jackson and Principal Mr Patterson, raised the Aboriginal flag for the first time. There was wonderful spontaneous applause from all as the flag was released into the gusty winds and flew proudly on the new third flag pole. As a school founded on Christian values and restorative practices we have a commitment as a community to be reconciling and restoring relationships with all people and Monday was another step towards that.

We are deeply thankful to Fiona for being a part of the first flag raising, and for the role she has in stewarding the culture of the Bunurong people and their elders past, present and future.

Mrs Cindy Waters
School Chaplain


For students in Years 10 and 11, this week marked the beginning of the mid-year examination period. Exams play an important part in assessment, particularly in the senior years, including Year 12, so developing the skills and approaches that are likely to lead to success is very important.

This is the first time that Year 10s have had an extensive exam timetable and for both Year 10s and 11s this is an opportunity to check on the learning so far. The exam format, with unseen questions and generally 90 minutes to complete, takes some practice to get used to and prepare for.

One important skill is learning how to study, and the realisation that studying is not the same as homework. Effective study requires students to be able to summarise and synthesise prior learning, to understand the key concepts, terminology and language of the assessment and be able to move through multiple-choice, short answer or essay questions with an awareness of the time limits and the marks allocated to each section. Practice is important and completing exams from previous years under timed conditions can be quite helpful.
Similarly, setting up an environment at home that is conducive to focused review and revision, is critical. Some students claim that they can ‘multi-task’ and listen to music, message their friend, check Facebook and study at the same time. This is rarely the case. Learning to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time, a study timetable can be handy here, are important exam and life skills.

For effective revision, students need to get out of their comfort zones and move from passive to active learning. Re-reading and watching videos would be good examples of comfortable revision. Creating mind-maps, completing challenging questions and targeted recall might be considered “uncomfortable”, but likely to be more effective.
Students are encouraged to deliberately structure their time, allocating time to subjects and tasks, attempting multiple practice papers and assessments and correcting and annotating questions. Importantly, students should follow the revision package that teachers have set.

Getting used to exams, and getting good at studying for them and completing them, are critical skills for the senior years and into tertiary study.

Good luck to all the students during their exams.

Mr Warrick Wynne, Deputy Principal - Head of Secondary and Mr Marc Heron, Head of Year 10 & 11


From time to time your child may be unwell and need to be collected from school. For the wellbeing of your child please answer or return missed calls from the school nurse as soon as possible. Our school nurse, Jayne Lloyd is on site Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4pm.


A reminder that all visitors, including parents, need to sign-in at reception before heading to other areas of the school.


If you shop at Woolworths, please collect the stickers at the checkout and drop them in to the coloured box at the sign-in desk at the school office. Or you can drop them into the Balcombe box at the checkouts at Bentons Square, Mornington or Mt Eliza.


Running Club is on every Thursday at 8:15 and the final session will be Thursday 13 June.

No session on Thursday 6 June (Primary Student Free Day - Parent/Teacher interviews)

Please make sure the staff member on duty is present before leaving your children at the beginning of the session. As we move in to the late end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter the location for Running Club may be on the oval or in the gym. Due to OHS please refrain from bringing hot drinks and food in to the gym. Thank you for your continuing support of this activity.


Our bicycle storage facility will be completed in the coming weeks and will include more bicycle racks to support students who are riding to school. However, there is always a risk of a bicycle being stolen particularly if it is unlocked. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their bicycle is locked throughout the school day and therefore the school accepts no responsibility for the loss or theft of any bicycle. Your support in ensuring that all bicycles are locked throughout the school day would be greatly appreciated.


Further information on upcomng activities and events can be found on the BGS Intranet. Recently posted articles include:

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The safety and wellbeing of Balcombe Grammar students and staff is our foremost concern. Following a recent review, dogs will no longer be able to be brought onto school grounds (service dogs exempt). For a copy of the schools Dogs in School Grounds Policy please click on the link below.

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TERM 2 2019, WEEK 7

Monday 3 June
Exam period to 6 June
Year 5-6 Inter-school sport

Tuesday 4 June
 Year 12 TIS Excursion

Wednesday 5 June
PFC Meeting 9 – 10am
Division Cross Country
Primary Parent/Teacher/Student Interview 3:30 – 6pm
 Year 9 Pop up Market 5:30 – 8.00pm

Thursday 6 June
Primary Student Free Day
Primary Parent/Teach/Student Interview 8:30 – 4pm

Friday 7 June
 Student free day

TERM 2 2019, WEEK 8

Monday 10 June
Queen’s Birthday

Tuesday 11 June
VCE Forum (Current Year 10 students)

Wednesday 12 June
Year 10 work experience
VCE Forum
Year 4 Dandenong Ranges Excursion

Thursday 13 June
 Year 10 Tertiary Excursion
Year 8 SIS Sport

Friday 14 June
 Year 10 SIS Sport
Year 11 Dance Lessons
Year 12 Legal Studies Excursion

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