Towards the end of 2018 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to share lunch with the 2019 Year 12 Student Leaders. Over lunch we discussed their vision, plans and goals for both their Leadership roles and for Balcombe Grammar School in 2019. As expected, there were a number of common themes amongst the group and in the space of this 50-minute lunch meeting my understanding of the school grew significantly. One theme that clearly stood out from all the others was their desire to re-invigorate the School’s House system. House is an aspect of schooling that I am extremely passionate about and one that I believe can provide many benefits to our entire community. This year, our House Captains embraced their roles with great enthusiasm, and through their hard work and passion they have already experienced success in their bid to increase House Spirit and each individual student’s sense of belonging. Supported by our House Co-ordinator, Mr Damon Pascoe and House Leaders, Mr Alan Wharton (Casey), Ms Ashleigh Whalley (Leaver), Ms Merryn Johnstone (Norman) and Mr Andrew Shelton (Weston), we have seen major House Carnival’s such as Athletics, Cross-Country and Swimming take on a new lease of life with other House Events such as Art, Debating, MasterChef, Public Speaking and Music cementing their place in the annual House calendar. In addition to the growing participation and support rates, this is a particularly exciting time for House. For the first time this year we will be awarding House Colours at our annual Colours Awards Evening being held on Tuesday 6 August. Balcombe Grammar has a unique process for awarding Colours Awards with Secondary students having the opportunity to self-nominate for Colours in the fields of Academic, The Arts, Global, Service, Sport and House. Nominations for Colours Awards were opened this week for all Secondary students and I am looking forward to participating in what will be a very special Colours Awards Evening in Term 3. For further information on how to apply for Colours please follow the link below.

Mr Ross Patterson


At Balcombe Grammar School, we value the contributions and achievements of all students and seek to formally acknowledge and celebrate these achievements through our Colours Award program.

Last year, at the Presentation Evening, Colours were awarded to over 90 students in the area of Academic, Service, Sport, Art, Service and Global. This year House Colours will be available for the first time.

The aims of the Colours Award program are: 

  • To support and encourage aspirational mindsets 
  • To promote activities and endeavours valued by the BGS community 
  • To formally recognise excellence in a range of fields
  • To celebrate and support positive role models.

Students who are eligible for a Colours Award, should submit an online nomination form for consideration by the nominations committee (please see link to intranet page below). Applications are now open and close on July 19.

We look forward to formally recognising the positive contributions our students make to their school and broader community at the 2019 Presentation Evening on Tuesday 6 August.

Mr Warrick Wynne
Deputy Principal - Secondary (7-12)

BGS Colours Awards 2019


The 2019 Boneo Park Interschool Equest-a-thon was held Friday 31 March at the magnificent ground of Boneo Park. Although the weather was wet and dreary, the event was well attended by over 60 teams from schools all over Victoria. The event this year included a show jump round, cross country run and a mountain bike ride. Done in teams of three or individually.

Balcombe Grammar was well represented in the younger age groups and our individuals and teams did so well together.

Conar Sipthorpe-Foster was our only individual and a definite star on the day competing all three phases to place sixth in the 7-9 year old age group.

Gemma Bell, Layla Mann and Willow Hofer in the All Stars team placed first in the 10-12 year old female teams’ category and Gemma Bell, Reeve Di Gregorio and Ryder Lyne in the Balcombe Hot Shots team placed third in the 10-12 year Male team category.

Tom Abernethy, Miller Bell and Evan Weir in team Rapid placed second in the 10-12 year old male teams section.

Abbey Mamers, Daisy Johnson and Poppy Cook in team ‘Catch Us If You Can’ placed first in the 13-15 year old team female age group.

A big thankyou to Sharon Rogers who helped us all day with the event, to all the parents of the equestrian team that gave up their time to help run our major fundraiser, and to all the students that also helped marshal and contributed their time. A final thankyou to Boneo Park for allowing us to be involved in such a great day of activity. We hope to see everyone there again next year.

Mrs Jodie Lyne
Equestrian Co-ordinator


What an exciting term we have had in the Resource Centre! The custom fit out is now complete and the new furniture has created many dynamic and flexible learning spaces for students to enjoy. The dedicated VCE Study Centre, which provides a quiet environment for individual study, has been popular in the lead up to exams. Many Primary classes have been visiting the library each week for shared reading, browsing and borrowing. Lunchtime activities such as craft, board games, Lego, drawing and Calm Club have also been very well attended. In the Secondary school, we have been running a reading competition to encourage more borrowing. The lucky winner of the $30.00 Farrell’s Bookshop voucher will be notified during the last week of term.

Mrs Sara Anderson
Head of Library


On Tuesday 7 May, four students represented the School in the SIS Public Speaking Competition. They were Daniel Bourke (Year 8), Mitchell Whyte (Year 8), Nina Dash (Year 10) and Lauren McAuley (Year 10). They each presented a pre-prepared speech and on the day of the competition were given five minutes to craft a speech on a 'secret' topic. It was a rewarding day, with the teams placing fifth out of a field of 12, and what was even more lovely was the way the students, despite their differing age groups, interacted.

Ms Hannah Gordon
Public Speaking Co-ordinator


In Year 7 Food Technology, students were presented with the challenge of creating a unique breakfast meal as part of their assessment. Students surveyed their peers, researched online and in magazines asked family members and friends in order to find the perfect recipe to stun the judges. Students then competed against each other in pairs, in a head to head Balcombe Grammar Master Chef breakfast challenge. Students raced against the clock, challenging their food knowledge and preparation skills. Teachers and Year 11 students carefully critiqued all meals and decided on a final winner from each class. Well done to all students, the staff were blown away by the quality of the food presented by each of the participants.

Ms Miranda Powell
Food Technology


In order for the Cast of 'The Addams Family' to look so good, there were a lot of people behind the scenes who worked hard to make this possible.

We wish to thank all the staff, parents and particularly, the students who came on board to be part of the Show Band and the Backstage Crew.

Five talented Balcombe musicians stretched their performance skills to play with professional musicians in the band to support the production of the show. Barnaby Noal, Jock Campbell, Mone Fujimoto, Hiyori Kamei and Jemima Smith rehearsed and collaborated with experienced musicians to perform a difficult score written for a Broadway musical. The experience of doing this is so valuable for a musician to extend their skills and work under pressure as those in the music industry do. For students wishing to pursue music at Balcombe, this is a wonderful opportunity and one offered to those willing to commit. Many of our instrumental teachers at Balcombe can help students work towards such a rewarding experience, and support our production by being in the band as well.

While some students working backstage came on board way back in January, others joined closer to showtime and were welcomed in to the crew. We thank the students who moved the huge set on and off the stage, and those who made and coordinated the large amount of props. To the senior students who worked with the many mic’s and sound effects, not to mention those who worked with the technicians on the quick and complicated lighting cues, you helped make the whole show work! Thanks to Sachin Srikanth, Jack Carter, Naomi Coveney, Lucas Forsberg, Tahlia Lockie, Talia Apela, Emma Krause, Cooper Whitehead, Riko Shiozaki, Harry Chatterley, Flynn Davies, Lachlan Hamilton- Brown, Baylie Watson- O’Connor, James Lee, Juan Vernon- Eastgate and Georgia Williams. There is so much to learn backstage and again, this is such a valuable opportunity for any Balcombe student who wants to learn about theatre production and not necessarily be on stage.

To our wonderful students and mums who helped with the amazing props, costumes and ghoulish makeup - amazing work! To all who came onboard and volunteered their time, thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Many friendships were made amongst the Cast and Crew of The Addams Family as we all worked together to put on a wonderful production and we thank them all.

Ms Christina Burton
Performing Arts Co-ordinator


The SIS Cross Country Gala saw 106 students compete in A Division. In very testing conditions the athletes competed over three or four kilometres on an extremely challenging and muddy track. There were some excellent individual performances with Kirra Bond securing a superb second place in the U14 girls race and Willow Argus winning the Girls U16 race with a brilliant run. Sam Griffiths and Jarrod Ross also put in impressive performances narrowly missing out on a medal. Once again the team spirit and camaraderie was outstanding. Students encouraged and cheered each other on at the finish line all day. After a hard day of competition Balcombe finished a highly commendable fifth position avoiding relegation to Division B.

Mr Andrew Martin
Sports Co-ordinator


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We have collected thousands of stickers so far to go towards new equipment for our students. Now that the program is coming to an end, please bring any remaining stickers or sticker sheets and post in the box at school reception (or in-store) before the end of term. Don’t worry if your sheets are incomplete as we can still use them!

The PFC would like to thank everyone who participated in the program. Over the next few weeks we will announce what resources our school has chosen to purchase with the points.


Our bicycle storage facility will be completed in the coming weeks and will include more bicycle racks to support students who ride to school. However, there is always a risk of a bicycle being stolen, particularly if it is unlocked. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their bicycle is locked throughout the school day. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or theft of any bicycle. Your support in ensuring that all bicycles are locked throughout the school day would be greatly appreciated.


Further information on upcomng activities and events can be found on the BGS Intranet. Recently posted articles include:

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The safety and wellbeing of Balcombe Grammar students and staff is our foremost concern. Following a recent review, dogs will no longer be able to be brought onto school grounds (service dogs exempt). For a copy of the schools Dogs in School Grounds Policy please click on the link below.

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