This year, as we prepare to implement our Strategic Plan for 2020 & Beyond we are gathering data from our community via a variety of measures to assist us in making informed decisions which will benefit our entire community. Classroom practice is now influenced by data, including student feedback data and we also have the opportunity to explore how whole school data can influence our practices both in and out of the classroom. During the month of August, Balcombe Grammar is taking part in the 2019 ISV LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys. Your opinion is valuable to us and therefore I encourage you to participate in the Parent Satisfaction survey. The aim of this survey is to understand your perceptions around the quality of your child’s educational experience at the school and the information obtained will be used to improve the quality of education for all our students.

Prior to completing the survey, we feel it is important for you to be aware that:

  • The survey is conducted by Independent Schools Victoria and is completely anonymous.
  • The school receives only aggregate results. Aggregate data will be shared with the wider community in our 2019 Annual Report.
  • Either parent may fill out the questionnaire or both parents may complete the survey together. We ask that you complete the survey for your eldest child at the school. However, you may also complete the survey for each child you have at the school, by clicking on the link again and re-doing it for other children.
  • When working through the questionnaire, when you read ‘school’, think of Balcombe Grammar and when you read ‘student’, think about your eldest child.
  • Our student and staffing communities will also have the opportunity to complete a survey designed specifically for them.

We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this survey as your input will help provide us clear insights into what we are currently doing well, but also where we need to improve.

Mr Ross Patterson


On Tuesday, Year 9 students were involved in an all-day forum related to pathways and subject selection. Every student participated in four different sessions expertly presented by suitably qualified BGS staff. One session outlined the Year 10 program and subjects available to the students in order to alleviate any concerns with the current subject selection process the Year 9s are all going through. Another session took the students through a template that culminated with every student having a resume to utilise for future work experience or part time work opportunities. More immediately, the resumes will be passed onto Rotary members for feedback which will be highly beneficial to our students. The third session was a career personality quiz aimed at helping the students identify the type of person they are and possible occupations that they might be interested in. In the final session, the students viewed a presentation by Layne Beachley to identify her achievements, the barriers she overcame and her action plan to become a champion. The students then selected another high achiever of their choice and completed the same activity before completing their own action plan.

Overall, the students had a fantastic day and are even more prepared for their upcoming pathways journey and, more immediately, mock interview in a few weeks.

Mr Philip McDonald
Careers Co-ordinator


Year 1 students enjoyed a visit from the ‘Don’t Move’ Puppet Theatre as part of our Inquiry topic – Toys from the past and present. John and his cast of puppets performed The Wizard’s Tale, a very fun and engaging story. After the performance, John returned to Balcombe to lead a wonderful puppet making workshop with each class. Our Year 1’s made some very imaginative puppets, including unicorns, snowmen and giraffes with wings. Some of the puppets are available for viewing on the theatre’s website - you can find them here. A big thank you to our parent helpers for coming along and helping our workshop sessions run so smoothly.

Ms Clare Game
Year 1 Teacher

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On Wednesday 24 July, the Semester 2 OES students, travelled to Seawinds in Arthurs Seat to start our exciting day of mountain biking. Whilst, looking at the view of the Peninsula we learnt about the history of the bay and how the environment has evolved over the years. Our second destination for the day was in Arthurs Seat State Park. We started off going down the loop trail but before we continued we discussed the importance of codes of conduct; a topic we are covering in class. For our main ride of the day we rode along the Arthurs Seat Road track, up to Red Hill General Store and then along the old railway track to Merricks. Halfway through we stopped at Endeavour Fern Gully. Endeavour Fern Gully is run by the national trust and is open to the public 24 hours a day to come and walk their 2km track. Whilst walking this track we learnt about the different types of environment. The national trust is heavily involved in keeping the native plants alive. On behalf of the Outdoor Ed class I would like to thank Mr Pascoe and Mr Martin for coming along with us and making this day happen.

Jolei Spicer
Year 10


As the girls headed off to their last game of netball, they all went in with a positive and confident attitude. Facing off against Padua Tyabb, we started off with strongly with the team getting 17 goals in the first quarter and also holding back Padua from scoring. After a few swap overs, the girls in defense had to start working to get it down into attack. At half time it was twenty-seven to nothing, which led to the mercy rule. In the third quarter, Padua slipped in two goals and we managed to get nine. Before the last quarter began, we all were enthusiastic to take home the win as well as the flag. With a total score of 47-2 the Balcombe SIS girls were proud of the season and happy to take home the flag.

Meg Poulier
Year 8


On Friday, we travelled to St Peter’s Cranbourne to play our first match in SIS Soccer for Term 3. We didn’t take our chances early as the game was cagey and we couldn’t find a way through, until a mazy run from Zac unlocked their defence and he slotted the ball into the net for the first goal. He was stellar early, playing accurate passes from the midfield to start our attacks. Just a few minutes later, our lead was doubled as Joe assisted Declan and he made no mistake to make it 2-0. The half ended not long after, with Zac and the whole back four excelling. In the second half, we showed our class, with our skills coming to the fore. A brilliant bit of build-up play from the whole team led to a cross from Barney which found Joe, who nodded it home at the back post to seal the game. A few attacks from St Peter’s followed, all which were snuffed out by our defenders. After weathering all the pressure, a counter attack led to a goal from Barney, which turned out to be the final act of the match. This, coupled with the fact that the girls won in their first AFL match, led to an awesome day and well done to everyone involved. Go Balcombe!

Ollie Walker-Peel
Year 10


The birds were tweeting and the sun was faintly warming the school grounds at 7:50 am on Wednesday 24 July. The Year 2 students arrived early in a heightened state of excitement as we prepared for our bus trip to Melbourne. Louie, our driver was a friendly and helpful fellow who expertly got us there in a world record time of one hour. We told him that we should contact the Guinness World record people…

With 15 minutes to spare we had our fruit break and a quick play in Carlton Gardens, adjacent to IMAX, then shuffled down the steep escalator to watch Titans of the Ice Age. We saw Woolly Mammoths, Sabre Toothed Cats, Dire Wolves and a host of other furry creatures that adapted to Earths last Ice Age. A quick snack was consumed before we headed off to O’Brien Arena for our skating lessons. Helmets and shoes were slowly adorned and we cautiously entered the rink, where we spent a considerable amount of time sitting on the ice to commence with. Once we found our feet, we were off! Smiles, laughs and tumbles were the order of the day in the cool temperatures and disco tunes of the Arena.

Lunch was most welcome to restock our spent energy before heading back to school with Louie. This was an excellent excursion. A true highlight on the Year 2 calendar.

Mr Chad Gallaher
Year 2 Teacher


The Balcombe School community is delighted to congratulate and recognise the initiative of one of our Year 12 students, Ellia Harris.

Ellia, who is one of our Vice Captains, is a very driven young woman who at the age of 17 has already started up her own business, sold that and is now part of the management development team at Country Road, where she works part-time. Ellia has a passion for business, which sees its foundations in her experiences developed in our Year 9 Pop-up Program. This passion saw her commence research into different pathways available to her on completion of her time at Balcombe. She found an initiative called Passion for Business (P4B). This program is run by the Peter Faber Business School at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) at their Fitzroy campus. Ellia investigated and then applied, demonstrating on her application form her passion for studying business and her desire to make a contribution to business and the wider community. This passion and clear goals were identified by ACU and last week Ellia received the exciting news, that on completion of her Year 12, she has a place in the ACU Bachelor of Commerce course.

Ellia is certainly following in the footsteps of some formidable female entrepreneurs, such as Janine Allis (Boost Juice); Lesley Gillespie (Bakers Delight) and Naomi Simson (Red Balloon). We look forward to following her successes in the future.
Well done Ellia.
Ms Celia Mara
Head of Year 12


The biggest day in the Mathematics event calendar arrived, Thursday 1 August, the day of the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). Unlike other events, the weather conditions were of no concern, the important equipment required was a sharp 2B pencil, an eraser and the all-important question paper.

In sporting competitions challenge and persistence can clearly be seen; in debating, rebuttals can be well structured, articulate, heard and observed; these domains allow observers to witness and congratulate the competitors on their immediate and visible achievements. The AMC also requires persistence with well-structured answers thought out and developed all in silence, and the results are not confirmed for months. Competitors cannot shout with joy upon overcoming a difficult question, nor high five each other after they formulate a plan to overcome the challenge, instead there is the frantic writing and circling of answers as writing time begins; the pause with some tapping their pencil in deep concentration, unawares they are even tapping away, others with brows wrinkled staring at the paper or looking all around for inspiration, before the wave of understanding washes over them and the method for solving the question is clearer. Competing in the AMC provides students opportunities to problem solve, one of the key skills for future success irrespective of the student’s chosen path. Determining the length of a square that contains a coin rotating when the only given information is the radius of the coin; determining the number of octahedra in a tower if 2019 equal rods are used in its construction were examples of the types of questions asked of students. This year we had 248 students from Years 7-12 compete, we congratulate them for having the confidence to take on the challenge and look forward to celebrating their achievements in the months to come.

“The maths competition was a good experience, the set up was like its preparation for exams, which helps for future exams/ tests. Some of it was confusing however I tried my best”. Maja Bradshaw

Mrs Kim Walker
Mathematics Co-ordinator 7-12


Students and teachers from Osaka Otemae Senior High School visited Balcombe Grammar last week for their annual Science Study Tour.

Some of our Year 10 students had such an amazing time completing the Chemistry Demonstration, they decided to go into the Primary School for Golden Time and share with them the Cabbage Indicator Test activity.

Ms Lorna Griss
International Student Co-ordinator


This year our school is taking action towards environmental sustainability through a Victorian Government initiative called ResourceSmart Schools.

ResourceSmart Schools is a program that helps our school embed sustainability in everything we do. Working in partnership with students, staff and broader community the aim is to reduce our resource use by reducing waste, water and energy consumption along with increasing biodiversity by improving indigenous plantings and native habitat.

We are working with Leah Martini from CERES Environment Park to work through modules related to Waste, Energy, Water and Biodiversity.

In line with Balcombe Grammar’s strategic plan for a connected community, sustainability remains a key focus. Some of our achievements to date include establishing a passionate ‘Green Team’, implementing Waste Management Systems, providing buckets under water fountains, the Envision bottle top drop project, whole school Redcycle soft plastic collection, compost bin banks at accessible points around the grounds, conducting biodiversity audits, building kitchen garden programs and introducing ‘Nude Food’ initiatives.

Please visit our Sustainability page under the ‘Community’ tab on the intranet (see link below). We welcome your ideas and feedback.

We can’t wait to share our achievements with you and hope you will join us in helping our school reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

Ms Rachel Clements & Mrs Sharon Rogers
Resource Smart School Leaders

Sustainability Page
ResourceSmart Schools


A reminder that all visitors, including parents, need to sign-in at reception before heading to other areas of the school.


The latest edition of SchoolTV is now available!

This month's edition is ‘Cyber Safety'. It is a great edition for parents with children across all year levels.

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Running Club is on every Thursday at 8:15, running until Thursday 12 September.

Please make sure the staff member on duty is present before leaving your children at the beginning of the session. As the weather is unpredictable, the location for Running Club may be on the oval or in the gym. Due to OHS please refrain from bringing hot drinks and food in to the gym. Thank you for your continuing support of this activity.


Further information on upcomng activities and events can be found on the BGS Intranet.

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