Year 7 to 8

Year 7 – 8

From Year 7 to 8, our emphasis is on an effective transition from Primary to Secondary School. As students move into an extended range of subjects, the curriculum prioritises the consolidation of core skills in literacy and numeracy, developing new routines and maintaining the joy of learning in a new context.

If students learn to love learning they set themselves up for a successful Secondary education. 

Year 7 to 8 at Balcombe Grammar School is structured around a curriculum that provides strong foundations for future studies.

A curriculum focused on key skills ensures development of knowledge and skills across a range of key learning areas. Students are challenged academically and are supported in developing new learning routines they’ll need in future years.

In Year 7, students study a range of ‘traditional’ core studies, including English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Physical Education and Religion. Students experience a semester of language study in Japanese and a semester of French and a range of specialist subjects including Studio Art & Design, Performing Arts, Digital Makers and Product Design and Technology. Involvement in an Active Community Program completes the program.

In Year 8 the program continues with specialist subjects including Media Performance, Ceramics, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing and Graphic Art and Design.

The move from Primary to Secondary is an academic and social transition that is carefully structured and supported.

Year 9

Year 9

Students are actively engaged in their learning......

Year 10 - 12

Year 10 - 12

Students experience a core and elective curriculum...