Music and Performing Arts

The Arts

Developing creativity through the Arts is also a vital part of the culture at Balcombe Grammar School.

Students enjoy participating in Performing and Visual Art lessons and they are also able to develop their instrumental skills in individual or small group classes.



Opportunities to develop skills in the Performing Arts are offered from Foundation to Year 12 at Balcombe Grammar. Participation in the Performing Arts develops collaboration, listening, confidence and creativity. Many students who pursue this area into senior pathways develop high proficiency, allowing them to pursue their passion as a vocational option. In addition to the structured classes, students also develop their skills through our Co-curricular offerings, contributing to choirs, ensembles, bands, plays and school productions.



Students at BGS enjoy a range of Visual Arts programs. In addition to Studio Arts, they also take part in Visual Communication and Product Design Technology. Staff introduce students to a range of resources from very modern Computer-Aided-Design and Manufacture through to more traditional ceramics and printing and drawing techniques. Student work is displayed throughout the school, in exhibitions both internally at school and in external galleries. In this way, students know their efforts and talents are valued and celebrated in our wider community.


Music Tuition Form

Music Tuition Form

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