Health and Recreation

Students learn best when they are actively involved and BGS provides a variety of environments and platforms for students to enjoy testing their limits.

The ultimate goal is to instill a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and recreational activities.



At Balcombe Grammar School we recognise that physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are essential components of the developing student. Balcombe provides our students with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities throughout their time at the school. Balcombe Grammar students can participate in varying levels of competitive activities ranging from House events through to State-level competition. Thus, depending on their capabilities, the appropriate level of activity is accessible to every student. Our focus is for students to participate with a high degree of sportsmanship and thrive on the opportunity to interact with peers. The program also allows students to demonstrate competency in many movement patterns while applying themselves to learning and developing motor skills.



The Outdoor Education Program at Balcombe Grammar offers a diverse backdrop for building confidence and friendships. From the first movie night with Foundation students to international travel in the Senior School, taking students out of their regular environments into diverse ones is highly valued at BGS for its educative and character-building benefits. Outdoor experiences lay a solid foundation so learning can thrive through school years and beyond. Outdoor challenges highlight individual strengths that may not be apparent in a classroom setting. An unfamiliar environment allows students to see each other in unique, shared scenarios that beckon interactions and friendships.




Learning about and from others around the world......



Fostering and developing self-directed learners......