Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics


In the future, we will need to be able to think beyond one discipline.

In a world where information is at our fingertips, students who are able to connect traditional areas showing innovative and creative applications will enjoy the most success.

A sense of curiosity combined with a craving for creativity is at the heart of STEM at BGS. Encouraged across the school, this brings the best of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics together.

Balcombe enjoys a learning partnership with Chisholm TAFE, which sees students studying STEM in an electronic laboratory. In addition to acquiring practical electronic knowledge, students have the added bonus of collaborating in a tertiary environment.

Creativity through Science is also incorporated into the Primary years with Year 5 students studying the Physics concepts behind roller coasters, Year 2 students creating igloos from recycled milk bottles as they study Antarctica and Year 4 students creating circuits to make a robot.

Our Primary School participates in a global project called ‘The Hour of Code’, aimed at giving all students an opportunity to write computer programs. 

The school has taken this approach to deliver sequential concept development and ready students for further studies in sciences. During the Primary and Middle years we aim to challenge thinking while nurturing their persistence in collaborative situations.

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