2022 VCE Results


An inspirational and well-connected group of students, the Class of 2022 played a significant role in re-igniting our school throughout the course of 2022.  In addition to re-igniting our co-curricular programs and offerings the Class of 2022 shone brightly in the classroom displaying great resilience, curiosity and determination. After experiencing an interrupted beginning to their VCE throughout 2020 and 2021 the Class of 2022 displayed great care and support of one another through the challenges of Year 12 and together developed strong and consistent work ethics. Their hard work along with the guidance provided by their teachers has paid off with the Class of 2022 achieving the school’s strongest set of results on record – a truly remarkable achievement.

17% of students attained an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 95 plus with just under 47% of students attaining an ATAR over 80 placing them in the top 20% of the State. The Class of 2022 achieved a median ATAR of 78.9, which places the top half of our students in the top 21.1% of the State.

Individually, there were some outstanding achievements. Jaimee Wells is our DUX for 2022 attaining an ATAR of 99.2 Jaimee’s outstanding work ethic and drive saw her complete two Unit 3&4 subjects in Year 11 attaining a perfect score of 50 in Further Mathematics. Jaimee’s love of learning was further displayed this year, with Jaimee completing enhancement studies in Psychology through the University of Melbourne which required a commitment to travel to Melbourne semi-regularly throughout the year.


Our Proxime Accessit for 2022 is Harry Wang who attained an ATAR of 97.55. Upon joining Balcombe Grammar in Year 10 Harry’s passion for learning was apparent, obtaining numerous Academic Awards most notably in Mathematics and Sciences.


Other outstanding VCE achievements included 11% of student study scores over 40 and the following individual study scores of 45 and above:

  • Aaron Martin perfect study score of 50 in Further Mathematics
  • Jaimee Wells in Biology
  • Levi Stern in Psychology
  • Emeline Stinchcombe in Theatre Studies

Whilst recognising the wonderful achievements above, it is very important to recognise that our Class of 2022 cohort have been outstanding role models for the future Year 12 Balcombe Grammar students. The Class of 2022 highlighted the importance of embracing our school values, being proud of your efforts whilst pursuing a well-balanced lifestyle – they are certainly ready for life beyond our school gates.

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful work that all teachers and support staff at Balcombe Grammar have played in our Class of 2022’s journey, many of which began in Primary School.  We at Balcombe take great pride in developing strong and positive relationships with our students in the classroom which naturally assists to create an environment that is conducive to effective learning. we thank our teachers for supporting our Year 12 cohort over the years and for their willingness to adapt as educators, particularly in recent times to support our students as best as possible.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our supportive parents who have played a key role throughout their child’s schooling journey. Thank you for your unwavering support of our school and for forming a strong triangular partnership with our staff.

We are very proud of Balcombe Grammar’s Class of 2022. We wish them well beyond the school gates and look forward to seeing them back as members of our alumni next year.    

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