From our student leaders…


Our names are Harrison Barr and Ellia Harris.  We are two of Balcombe’s Vice-Captains for 2019. 

Our area of leadership is Student Representative Council (SRC). 

We believe that the role of the SRC is very important at Balcombe as it enables the promotion of student views.  The main focus of the SRC is to listen to and then act upon suggestions from students through the representatives in each class from Year 7 to Year 11 and encourage students to become actively involved in many areas of their school.  We believe that the SRC is a core part of the Balcombe community as it allows a way of collaborating across the year levels.

We chose his area as we both felt that the SRC has already positively created change at Balcombe and we feel that there is still lots of potential for this to continue.

Without student voice and input, some of the more significant issues of day to day school life can’t be addressed or improved.  We are very passionate about leading others and making a difference.  Rather than creating rules we are looking to be role models who are aiming to ensure Balcombe continues to be a warm and friendly environment for all students.

We have several projects we are working on with the SRC team at the moment with our first one being to organise and hold ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’ which aims to raises awareness for the Cancer Council’s quest to find a cure for this devastating disease.  This year the morning tea will be held on Friday 24 May at recess in the school hall.  More details to follow.

For our legacy as part of the student leadership we would like this to be more about what we can do for others rather than for our own personal benefit.  It would be great to finish our time at BGS knowing that there has been an increase in student voice; one that demonstrates that student’s ideas and opinions are heard and acted upon. Because in the end true leaders truly care about their community.

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