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Balcombe Grammar School is pleased to invite all parents to attend an informative and relevant presentation on drug & alcohol education awareness delivered by the highly sought-after Sharon Torpey, Co-founder and Director of Drug Education Australia, a leading provider of high quality, factual drug education programs.

Drug & Alchohol Education Awareness

Date: Tuesday 20 July 2021
Time: 7pm – 8pm
Online link will be forwarded via email

Sharon Torpey is a qualified Health Education Teacher, with 20 years’ experience in connecting with young people and their parents. Throughout her career, Sharon has taught in both a primary and secondary educational setting, and in the past ten years has also facilitated the “Keys Please” learner driver education program for Vic Roads.

Successfully engaging with both parents and students, Sharon’s passion lies in ensuring individual choices around drugs and alcohol are informed by the latest research, and that the information is delivered in a way that is non-threatening, accessible and age appropriate. Providing quality education and information around drug and alcohol misuse means that teenagers can move more safely through this challenging and potentially complex period in their life.

Drug Education Australia delivers education programs to school communities, providing current and fact-based information around drug and alcohol use, discussing the potential consequences of drug use and exploring strategies to minimise harm.

Students in Years 7-9 will be participating in information workshops once students return to onsite learning, and during these sessions, will be exploring the factors that influence teenager’s decisions and focus on positive social norms with the objective to build young people’s capacity to make safer, healthier decisions while they enjoy growing independence.

“Knowledge gives young people the power to make informed decisions.”

Research shows that young people who remain connected to their families and communities are less likely to experience problems with drugs.

To ensure their harm minimisation message is shared with the wider community parents are invited to attend an information session which outlines helpful tips and strategies to aid communities to support their young people with making safer, healthier decisions.


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