Year 9 Program

At Balcombe Grammar we design our Year 9 curriculum to ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to build upon the key skills and knowledge developed in Years 7 and 8. Students will continue to study English, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education and Faith & Wellbeing, and for those students who have studied French or Japanese, their language program will also continue. In 2022 we are introducing Science as one of our CORE standalone subjects. This is to allow our students to build their scientific knowledge and understanding in preparation for the important subject choices they make in Year 10.

Working in parallel with these core subjects our Year 9 students will also participate in Year 9 STRIVE.

The STRIVE units provide our students with the opportunity to participate in a program where all students experience a broad range of learning pursuits to achieve their personal best. Our STRIVE units place our students outside of their comfort zone and challenges them to develop key transferable skills that will prepare them to meet the challenges of life beyond the Balcombe school gates in what is a rapidly changing world.

To further assist with this our 2022 Year 9 students will be the first to have the opportunity to earn digital credentials. Digital credentials are a graphical representation of a student’s abilities and skills, combined with a verifiable description of the knowledge and activities it took each individual to earn that credential. They allow us to properly recognise students for demonstrating competencies and skills and these credentials belong and are accessible to the students even after they complete their education at Balcombe

This exciting journey commences with our Year 9 Experience program, which involves a Year 9 Conference Day, where our Year 9’s will work with renowned neuroscientist and educator, Dr Jared Cooney-Horvath in exploring, ‘Your Brain, Your life.  They will then spend the remainder of the week participating in a Melbourne City experience linked to their STRIVE units.



An entrepreneurial and experiential program where students combine commercial and creative arts skills and knowledge to prepare goods and services for sale at the end of program market night.




Students work in collaboration with teachers to plan, rehearse, stage, and manage a play. After learning the initial skills in theatrical production, students move onto their own area of interest to work through specific tasks to assist in the production process. In conjunction with the play, students also learn documentary film-making techniques to create a short high impact awareness film on topics that matter to them. Parents, staff and members of the community will be invited to the play and film viewing to see the results of the students’ work in action. 




Students will explore the geographic and historical story of ‘Our Place’ from Point Nepean to Melbourne. Students will be challenged to engage with community leaders, natural sites, historical and cultural artifacts to determine the value of Our Place from its First Nation’s origins to today. Student learning will culminate in a mock political campaign driven by the need to preserve ‘Our Place’ and holding an election held on the presentation evening.




Students will work with the teacher to develop an innovative engineering challenge using the VEX V5 robot to solve a problem or demonstrate an electrical scientific concept. This will involve establishing knowledge and skills in electricity, coding, soldering, simple machines and circuitry. An evening exhibition of the products created will provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning.


YEAR 10 - 12

YEAR 10 - 12

Students experience a core and elective curriculum...



The Arts, STEM, Health and Recreation