CSV Limited is a company limited by guarantee which is the legal entity for Casey Grammar School and Balcombe Grammar School.

The Board of CSV Limited is responsible for the overall governance of the schools which includes setting strategic direction, approving and monitoring budgets and reviewing the schools’ performances. The Board delegates responsibility for the operations of the schools to the Principal of each school and the Business Manager.

The Board of CSV Limited operates pursuant to its Constitution and its Charter.

The following officeholders are members of the Board, with the Principals and the Business Manager being ex-officio members.



  • Mrs Marie Ormandy – B.Arts, Dip Ed. (Chairman), Managing Director
  • Mr John Tucker – B.Rural Science, JP, (Deputy Chairman), REIV Trainer, Licensed Estate Agent
  • Mr Malcolm Wells – (Treasurer) B.Bus, CPA, ASIC registered SMSF Auditor, AICD
  • Mr Barry Steggall – Former parliamentarian
  • Mr Christopher Galagher – B.Juris, LL.B, Solicitor
  • Mr Todd Martin – Director of Corporate Banking
  • Bradley Jordon – Bachelor of Economics (Hons.), AICD
  • Meghraj Thakkar – B.Eng, M.CompSci, PMP, MAICD, Author, Gateway Reviewer, Managing Director


Company Secretary

  • Mr Nick Vitinaros – B.Bus, (Acc), CPA, GAICD, Business Manager


The Board has established the following committees to assist in carrying out its duties:

  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Risk, Policy & Nominations
  • Consultative Committee


The Consultative Committee represents the interests of Balcombe Grammar School by:

  • acting in an advisory capacity to the Board providing input and making recommendations as appropriate;
  • assisting the Board with the management of the buildings and grounds of the School for which it was established;
  • assisting the Board with the marketing and promotion of the School for which it was established;
  • carrying out other such functions as delegated to it by the Board.


“The Board is committed to ensuring that CSV Limited maintains a genuine focus on providing challenging, enriching and supportive learning environments within the parameters of its vision”

~Mrs Marie Ormandy, Chairman


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School Board Policies

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Facilities and Resources

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