Wellbeing and Belonging

The wellbeing of our students is a whole-school priority at Balcombe Grammar. Staff, families and students understand the important role each person plays in the support of the school’s culture and our students’ safety.

BGS is an inclusive community. Each person is valued and encouraged to grow and to challenge themselves.

Programs such as the Active Community Program and the Buddy Program embed positive mental and physical health outcomes into the curriculum. Our programs are informed by current best practice in psychology and neurology and are refined or updated in line with advances in these areas.

Social and emotional skills are taught with increasing complexity as children develop into adulthood. Faith & Wellbeing classes along with Circle Time sessions and Tutor time upskill students for the full range of emotional experiences. 

Students understand how to contribute to their own and others’ happiness while also developing ways of managing a range of emotions such as sadness and fear. Positive attributes such as courage are developed by experiencing and learning to manage emotional states.

The broad range of experiences at BGS ensure these skills can be applied in a range of environments and situations. Key events such as School services, sporting events, camps, markets, school productions and our Active Community Program all provide the ideal context for authentic social and emotional learning. 



At BGS we value positive relationships. Rather than a blame, punishment or shame approach, the community at BGS seeks to teach, learn, maintain and restore positive and productive relationships.

Faith and Wellbeing

Faith and Wellbeing

School based on Christian values



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