Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Balcombe Grammar School is known for providing a safe, nurturing and dynamic co-educational experience for all children from Foundation through to Year 12. Our vibrant learning community values academic achievement, creativity, a healthy lifestyle and service to others.

When it comes to your child and their future, selecting a school is a significant decision. This choice is pivotal in shaping their experience of school, but more importantly, our school experience strongly influences who we are beyond the school gates. When it comes to making this decision, we imagine you are looking to provide them with every opportunity to feel connected, to develop a love of learning, to be able to explore their passions both inside and outside the classroom, and to be happy. We believe that the safe and joyful atmosphere at Balcombe, sustained through our focus on the values of respect, compassion, confidence, curiosity, inclusion and optimism, allows us to provide this experience for all children. Furthermore, it enables us to regularly challenge our students and make the most of their potential throughout their schooling journey.

At Balcombe Grammar we pride ourselves on our strong sense of community. The small student population size ensures that students in all year levels are provided with opportunities to interact and learn from one another. Our School is small enough for each student to be personally known and recognised, yet large enough to offer an extensive range of opportunities that assist our students to grow and develop as a well-rounded person.

Having recently joined the Balcombe community. I can assure you that I feel professionally privileged to lead this wonderful school, and I deeply value the things which make Balcombe a special educational environment. 

Thank you for your interest in Balcombe Grammar. Please take some time to explore our website as it will provide you with an overview of our academic, pastoral and co-curricular programs. We also encourage you to book in for a tour our beautiful school, when you will see our school in action, and meet some of our capable, caring and committed staff and our wonderful students.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to Balcombe Grammar School.

Geoff Roberts-Thomson