School Fees

School Fees

Tuition Fees are charged in four instalments per year.

These instalments are issued in January, March, June and September of each year.


Annual Fee for 2022 $7,416
Instalment (per quarter) $1,854
YEARS 7 - 10
Annual Fee for 2022 $10,380
Instalment (per quarter) $2,595
YEARS 11 - 12
Annual Fee for 2022 $10,976
Instalment (per quarter) $2,744

Family Discounts

  • Second Child 10%
  • Third and Subsequent Children 20%


Voluntary Building Fund Donation (Annually per family)

  • First Year $600
  • Subsequent Years $300



  • Voluntary Building Fund Donation is fully tax deductible
  • After the first 12 months the Voluntary Building Fund is reduced to $300 and is fully tax deductible
  • A 2% discount applies to annual tuition fees (not including the Voluntary Building Fund Donation) if full year fees are paid by 4 February 2022
  • Instalment fees are due and payable before the first day of each term
  • Fees can be paid monthly if a prior arrangement is made by completing the appropriate form in November each year


Additional Charges

  • Materials Levy Foundation – Year 6 $170
  • Technology Levy Years 7 – 8 $275, Year 9 $290, Year 10 $40
  • Year 9 Program Levy $300
  • Camps for Years 3 – 8 from $180 – $710


Optional Extras (activities attract additional charges)

  • Elective private instrumental tuition
  • Virtual Schools Victoria VCE Subject (VSV)
  • VET and other subjects at outside institutions
  • Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies
  • Victorian School of Languages (VSL)


Notice of Withdrawal
As per the terms and conditions of enrolment, parents are required to provide one full term’s notice should they decide to remove their child (for any reason) from the school. Failure to do so will result in a charge of one term’s fees in lieu of notice.

School Tours

School Tours

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