Foundation to Year 2

Foundation – Year 2

Students in their first year at school are supported by our caring and professional staff to make a happy and independent transition from home or pre-school to full time schooling. With just two classes at each year level, students are well-known by all staff working with them.

In the early years there is a strong focus on the teaching and mastery of the foundation skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Our school values underpin our wellbeing curriculum and are explicitly taught so that students are able to develop and maintain positive relationships with staff and their peers.

In our inquiry lessons, students explore and investigate concepts and create new knowledge together whilst learning in the areas of Science, Geography and History.

In addition to the core curriculum, students are taught by a range of specialist teachers for;

• Music, Media and Performing Arts

• Visual Arts and Design Technology 

• French and Japanese

• Physical Education.  

Our well-resourced classrooms are vibrant, modern and spacious allowing for a wide range of teaching styles catering for all learners.

Technology is used to support and extend learning in the early years, along with iPads and laptops this includes programmable devices, simple coding and wireless technology.

Year 3 - 6

Year 3 - 6

Building on early years' curriculum

Secondary Learning

Secondary Learning

Year 7 - 12 at BGS