Year 9

At Balcombe Grammar we design our Year 9 learning programs to ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to build upon the skills and knowledge developed in Years 7 and 8. 

Students will continue to study the following key learning areas from the Victorian Curriculum:


Working in parallel with these subjects our Year 9 students will also participate in our learning experiences, known as STRIVE. 

STRIVE is a program that:

  • develops Success, Teamwork, Resiliency, Innovation, Voice and Enterprise.
  • has been developed using evidence-based learning, where our students work with Dr Jared Cooney-Horvath to understand how the brain works;
  • places our students outside of their comfort zone and challenges them to develop the key transferable skills of Problem solving; Creativity; Financial literacy; Digital literacy; Critical thinking; Presentation skills; Communication and Teamwork.
  • affords our young people with the opportunity to earn their first digital credentials at a level of their choosing.


The STRIVE experiences are:

  • Pop-up – An entrepreneurial experience providing students with the opportunity of gaining barista skills, financial literacy and creative arts skills and to develop an understanding of working as a team to produce goods and services that are showcased at our STRIVE Showcase evening.
  • Show and Tell – A collaborative and ethical experience providing great opportunities for student voice as students choose their area of the production process to focus on, culminating in delivery of a performance and a short high impact awareness film on topics that matter to them. Both are part of our STRIVE Showcase evening.
  • Our Place – An exploration experience providing our students with the opportunity to explore the geographic and historical story of ‘Our Place’ from Point Nepean to Melbourne. Students are challenged as they engage with community leaders, natural sites, historical and cultural artifacts to determine the value of Our Place from its First Nation’s origins to today. Culminating in a mock political campaign driven by the need to preserve ‘Our Place’ with an ‘election’ that is held at our STRIVE Showcase Evening.
  • STEM – This innovative experience sees students collaborating with teachers and peers to develop an engineering challenge using the VEX V5 robot to solve a problem or demonstrate an electrical scientific concept. Their solution is presented at our STRIVE Showcase Evening.




Digital credentials provide our students with opportunities to present evidence across a range of skills, that are evidenced through a common language framework of verified knowledge, skills and abilities.  Student voice is integral to STRIVE and in offering our credentials at different levels consisting of emerging, developing and proficient our students choose their credential pathway. Furthermore, these credentials belong and are accessible to the students even after they complete their education at Balcombe.


Year 10

Year 10

Point of transition into senior school



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